Insurance information

Billing and Insurance

The staff at our facility are always available to assist you with your insurance benefits and billing questions. If you have general questions regarding either, please call our offices during regular business hours on weekdays, 8:00AM – 8:00PM or email us at We are glad to help.

Financial Policy

Most patients are insured and will have either: an authorization, a prescription, or a direct referral form for their specific exam(s) requested by their referring physician that is covered by their insurance. For more information on PPO Insurance Coverage or Co-Pays please see the Insurance Coverage tab below. We accept all credit cards and cash for patients that would like to pay out-of-pocket.

Insurance Coverage for Radiologic Exams

All Insurance and Workers Compensation Companies that we work with:

Financial Policy

PPO insurances determine your payable amount after your procedure, as they have to consider your insurance plan, deductible and how much they are willing to cover for the exam based on your health plan. We highly suggest that you call your PPO insurance to see the amount you will owe as a co-pay ahead of time. For some exams like CT scans and MRIs, you should have your referring doctor request an authorization. Keep in mind that for some exams like X-Rays, it may be cheaper to pay out-of-pocket, as the co-pay may cost you more than our cash price.