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Digital X-ray

What is an X-Ray?

An X-ray is a form of radiation, like light or radio waves, which can be focused into a beam. When X-rays strike a piece of photographic film or a screen, a picture is produced. Dense tissues in the body, such as bones, block (absorb) many of the X-rays and appear white on an X-ray picture. Less dense tissues, such as muscles and organs, appear in shades of gray, while X-rays that pass only through air, such as X-rays of the lungs or colon, appear black.

Why We Use Digital X-Ray?

Digital X-rays achieve the same high quality picture as with film. An added benefit to digital X-rays is that they can be enhanced and manipulated with computers and sent via a network to other workstations and computer monitors, allowing practitioners in remote locations to access the images and assist in diagnosis. Digital X-ray is used in diagnosing breaks, bony abnormalities, or chest or sinus problems.

What Happens During The Procedure?

The x-ray technologist will position you depending on the body part that is to be imaged. they will ask you to stay still as they walk over and take the image. As long as you are still and can follow direction from the technologist it should be a swift process.

What Are The Benefits Of An X-Ray Procedure?

The procedure is swift so and straight to the point. It will show the radiologist clearly in the image what they are trying to rule out.

Preparing for Your Visit:

There is generally no preparation for digital X-ray. You may be asked to remove your bra or any jewelry that is in the same area being imaged.

Do I Need To Make An Appointment?

In fact, X-rays may be done on a walk-in basis with a prescription or orders from a referring physician. Please feel free to call and check on the wait time. However, please be aware that the wait may be subject to change by the time you arrive.

What Are The Risks Of This Procedure?

If you are someone who is able to get pregnant we require a consent form to be signed. If you are a parent that is able to get pregnant accompanying a minor, you are required to sign the consent form.

How to Prepare For an X-Ray Procedure:

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