What is a CT Scan?
The care and diagnosis of patients has significantly improved through the use of computed tomography (CT). The exam is a fairly quick and painless procedure. The CT scanner acquires images in just a matter of seconds while you are lying on the patient table. Using a series of X-rays, the CT scanner creates cross-sectional images, or ‘slices’ which are reconstructed by a computer to produce 3-D images. The result of these images is a picture with greater detail than a traditional X-ray, which can mean a more accurate interpretation and diagnosis from your physician.
Preparing for your visit:

Abdomen (Oral Prep Only):

Abdomen (Oral Prep and I.V. Contrast):

Pelvis (Oral Only):

Abdomen and Pelvis (Oral and I.V. Contrast):

All Other Exams:

Following Your Visit: