Frequent Asked questions and answers
Your referring physician will contact you with your results.
Please ask the front desk or call us on +1(818)548-0022
Yes, your referring physician will receive the results of your exam
No! To make the images, MRI uses harmless radio waves and a magnetic field. This has been proven to be extremely safe, and it does NOT cause pain, nor does it use radiation (unlike X-ray and CT examinations). All that is required is that the patient remain as still as possible during the exam. 
All MRI machines make noise when they are in operation. During the scan, a humming and thumping sound is what the patient will hear. These sounds indicate that a scan is in progress. We will provide you with sound cancelling ear plugs and our technologists will be monitoring your progress and guiding you through the exam via their microphone.
The time needed for your examination will depend upon the type of examination scheduled. Most MRI exams last about 30 minutes; however, some specialized exams can last up to 45 minutes per body part.